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    مفاهیم OLAP در اوراکلOracle 11g Database: OLAP essentials Techniques
  • معرفی دوره، هدف و کاربرد

    در این دوره دانشجویان با مفاهیم OLAP و روش های پیاده سازی تکنیک ها و ابزار آن در Oracle آشنا خواهند شد. اهداف:

    فراگیری مفاهیم OLAP در ORACLE

    فراگیری نحوه ساخت CUBE،MESSURE و DIMENSION

    فراگیری نحوه PROCESS CUBE  و نحوه QUERY گرفتن  

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    کاربران  BI

    توسعه دهندگان سامانه های BI

    کارشناسان انباره داده   

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    آشنایی با مفاهیم BI

    آشنایی با مفاهیم پایگاه داده

  • محتوای دوره


     Examining the Role of Oracle OLAP within the Oracle BI / DW Platform

    • Oracle OLAP and the Oracle BI / DW Platform
    • Features of the Oracle OLAP Option
    • Accessing Oracle 11g OLAP data

    Understanding the Dimensional Model

    • Stored and Calculated Measures
    • Dimensions
    • Hierarchies
    • Levels
    • Attributes

    Building OLAP Cubes

    • Using the Cube Building Tool
    • Creating Dimensions
    • Designing Cubes
    • Creating Measures
    • Mapping to Source Data
    • Loading Data

    Examining Cube-Organized Materialized Views (Cube MVs)

    • Benefits of Cube MV Summary Management
    • General Requirements for rewrite to MVs
    • Designing Cube MVs
    • Using Cube MVs

    Creating Calculated Measures

    • Examining OLAP Calculation Types
    • Using the Calculation Builder
    • Creating Common Business Calculations
    • Creating Custom Calculations

    Using SQL to Query Oracle OLAP Cubes

    • Understanding Cube Views
    • Querying OLAP Cubes: The Basics
    • Leveraging Cube Summaries
    • Applying Query Filters
    • Joining OLAP and Relational Data

    Enhancing Analytic Content

    • Creating Cubes with Varying Dimensionality
    • Integrating Measures from Data with Different Dimensionality
    • Creating Forecast Measures Using OLAP DML

    Using Ad Hoc Query and Reporting Tools Against OLAP Data

    • Exploring OLAP Data Using Oracle Application Express (APEX)
    • Performing Ad Hoc Query of OLAP Data Using Oracle BI Answers
    • Examining Metadata Requirements for BI Tools

    Implementing Cube Security

    • Understanding Authentication Requirements
    • Authorizing Access to Cube Data
    • Examining User and Object Privileges
    • Examining Methods for Scoping User Views of Data

    Designing Cubes for Performance and Scalability

    • Objectives of Performant and Scalable Design
    • Examining how Data is Stored in Oracle Cubes
    • Identifying Cube Features that Impact Performance and Scalability
    • Implementing Design Techniques for Performance and Scalability

    Examining Performance Tuning

    • Describing How Cubes are Stored
    • Understand Cube Build Processing
    • Examining Balanced Configurations
    • Correcting Performance Bottlenecks



    • پیشنهاد تکمیلی

      Oracle BI Suite 11g R1: Build Repositories

      Oracle BI Suite 11gR1: Create Analyses and Dashboards

      Oracle Data Integrator 12c: Integration and Administration



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